What is the scope of a SolidWorks Professional in Gurgaon?

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Besides, this article is likewise going to clear your all questions regarding SolidWorks in regard to work, assignment, future, and compensations you got subsequent to taking SolidWorks training.


What do you mean by SolidWorks?

SolidWorks might be defined as the PC application that worked on Microsoft Windows belonging to CAE and CAD. Besides, this program is additionally made by DS.

NOTE:- Speaking informally, SolidWorks is really a product application or just programming that is utilized for designing fundamental everyday life sorts of gear say the construction of a screw-driver implies it helps in making the design of strong kinds of hardware that we use in our day by day life.

Also, you can even make the plan of vehicles, bicycles, ships, planes, and so on using this SolidWorks application programming so now you can undoubtedly imagine the significance of this SolidWorks programming.

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Origin of SolidWorks

The SolidWorks idea appeared in the year 1993 that established by Jon Hirschtick.

Besides, he made a group of very capable engineers during that time and carried the main CAD application programming with the assistance of his engineers and group in the year 1995 named SolidWorks 95 for example the absolute first CAD programming that can be effortlessly worked on Microsoft Windows for making the plan of various fundamental kinds of hardware that even may include the designing construction of vehicles like a vehicle, transport, and so on, etc.

SolidWorks Training

Evolution of SolidWorks Software Versions

  • 1st SolidWorks 95 version introduced in 1995
  • 2nd SolidWorks 96 version introduced in 1996
  • 3rd SolidWorks 97 version introduced in 1996
  • 4th SolidWorks 97Plus version introduced in 1997
  • 5th SolidWorks 98 version introduced in 1997
  • 6th SolidWorks 98Plus version introduced in 1998
  • 7th SolidWorks 99 version introduced in 1998
  • 8th SolidWorks 2000 version introduced in 1999
  • 9th SolidWorks 2001 version introduced in 2000
  • 10th SolidWorks 2001Plus version introduced in 2001
  • 11th SolidWorks 2003 version introduced in 2002
  • 12th SolidWorks 2004 version introduced in 2003
  • 13th SolidWorks 2005  version introduced in 2004
  • 14th SolidWorks 2006 version introduced in 2005
  • 15th SolidWorks 2007 version introduced in 2006
  • 16th SolidWorks 2008 version introduced in 2007
  • 17th SolidWorks 2009 version introduced in 2008
  • 18th SolidWorks 2010 version introduced in 2009
  • 19th SolidWorks 2011 version introduced in 2010
  • 20th SolidWorks 2012 version introduced in 2011
  • 21st SolidWorks 2013 version introduced in 2012
  • 22nd SolidWorks 2014 version introduced in 2013
  • 23rd SolidWorks 2015 version introduced in 2014
  • 24th SolidWorks 2016 version introduced in 2015
  • 25th SolidWorks 2017 version introduced in 2016
  • 26th SolidWorks 2018 version introduced in 2017

Application of SolidWorks Software

So now let us think about the uses of SolidWorks programming;

We utilize numerous kinds of strong sorts of gear for doing something in our everyday life

For instance, A screwdriver, a vehicle, a bicycle, a convenient drill machine, etc.

So all the above are planned in this sort of programming like SolidWorks application programming or CATIA application programming and so on so now you can imagine the significance of SolidWorks programming.

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Career Scope after taking SolidWorks Training

What is the average salary after taking SolidWorks training?

So the average salary of SolidWorks Designer is around Rs. 30,00,000 per annum

What are the positions or designations we got after taking SolidWorks training?

The positions or designations in an organization we will get after taking SolidWorks training are written below:-

  • SolidWorks Designer
  • Senior Mechanical Designer
  • SolidWorks Trainer etc.


You can go up to the level of Technical Advisor that is equivalent to General Manager of the company. Moreover, you can even go higher as per your unique ideas within the organization.

From where to take SolidWorks Training in Gurgaon?

So now there is the greatest inquiry that gives a constant openness since, supposing that you get into such kind of training company in Gurgaon that even not having a decent set okay with training their understudies at that point all will go in vain.

Thusly, choosing the best SolidWorks Training in Gurgaon resembles day-trading in the securities exchange so for solving this issue let me recommend you a brand name in the field of training for example Aptron Gurgaon is the best SolidWorks training company in Gurgaon.